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2 Aug 2017
  1. Pixels stuck 


Stuck pixels symptom is green dots or red dots on the notebook’s screen 

A nonconforming pixel can be a nuisance on LCD laptop, the pixels may be green or may be red without lighting up another pixel for the display.  It might possible that manufacturers may not replace the LCD for a pixel only. 

 Take a soft material like a cloth and gently rub it in a circular motion on the stuck pixels. This will light up the pixel if you find the exact location to illuminate the pixel, hold your finger for two minutes and now no more stuck pixel. 


  1. Crash system 


System crash symptom is notebook won’t boot up 

Most of the people go into panic mode when the computer won’t boot up or you can say it refuses to boot up. This is so simple problem like a bad sector on the file or hard drive. To determine the case you can you can remove the hard drive from the USB enclosure.  

Now you can connect the USB cable to an open USB port on the working computer, if the file is still intact, the hard drive show as an external drive and that allow you to transfer data from one drive to other. Try running Check Disk on running a dos prompt and type x. where x is the external drive letter. Your notebook will display information for your drive. An error will print out, to see the change which made on your drive. If all is good, you will plug the hard drive back into the notebook and then just power it on. 


  1. Spyware or virus infestation 


Virus or spyware infestation symptom is slow downloads, excessive pop ups. 

Nothing will cripple your system like malware. The thing for the defense is always prevention. The best service is Norton 360, Norton offer firewall option that will block many of the threats while alerting the user to program friendly by requesting web access. 

If you do not want to invest more money than you can bolster your defenses with a free tool.  Ad Aware and  Spybot: Search and destroy, these two tools has its own strength and weakness. Spybot is better for tracking code like pop-ups.  While AD-aware does a good job in removing cookies.   


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