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2 Aug 2017

Basically, is a web based email service which was introduced by Microsoft that has replaced Microsoft’s offering windows live Hotmail. It is quite difficult to keep track of all the email offering that are available out there and also a numerous number of alternatives from another large player in the market. I have provided some information on various email service and about You can also get in brief here outlook support number

Free email from different providers- 

You Can easily set up an email account without paying a cent by picking a large number of email providers. Most of them are known as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Apple's cloud email and much more. Some email accounts which provide storage available for free are GMX, and Zoho Mail. 

Email client offerings from Microsoft- 

Microsoft provides a vast range of different email services for customers and as well as for businesses. Some email clients are web based where email can be accessed through a browser and others are desktop clients that are installed on PC. They need an internet connection to send and receive emails but those emails can be read if you are offline. These kinds of clients are very much rich and faster in functionality. They are not only limited to what is possible to do in a browser but also searching, filtering, spell checking is much quicker. 

There are some clients which are available for Microsoft, target business and other consumers. They are 

1.       Windows Live Hotmail- It is targeted at customers and has over 300 million users worldwide. Users are encouraged to switch over to the new service. 

2. It is the very first edition introduced by Microsoft which is more suitable for professional and the ads are intrusive. 

3.       Outlook web app- For business users, Microsoft’s web client is available for users who have Microsoft exchange server. 

4.       Windows Live Mail (desktop client)- It is used free if you have a valid license of Windows Vista or windows 7. 

5.       Microsoft Outlook (desktop client)- It’s a kind of flagship email client, a desktop application for professional email management. It can be also used as Microsoft Outlook as an email client for your windows live Hotmail email account in addition to using Microsoft outlook with email servers. 

New things with 

1.       Interfaces are very much cleaner- it has a cleaner and smoother interface. Some menus like small and cluttered have been replaced by larger and by a graphical icon. 

2.       Does not contain annoying ads- the ads in it are very discrete so they don’t annoy you much. If you offer them, only then you can see the images of ads. 

3.       Integrated with social networks- it integrates with social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn so you can be able to see status updates, profile pictures and messages from network contacts all in one place. 

4.       Have been integrated with Skype- it has been integrated with Skype so that you can communicate with your contacts by using instant messaging, voice and video calls through Skype. 

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