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2 Aug 2017
  1. Pixels stuck 


Stuck pixels symptom is green dots or red dots on the notebook’s screen 

A nonconforming pixel can be a nuisance on LCD laptop, the pixels may be green or may be red without lighting up another pixel for the display.  It might possible that manufacturers may not replace the LCD for a pixel only. 

 Take a soft material like a cloth and gently rub it in a circular motion on the stuck pixels. This will light up the pixel if you find the exact location to illuminate the pixel, hold your finger for two minutes and now no more stuck pixel. 


  1. Crash system 


System crash symptom is notebook won’t boot up 

Most of the people go into panic mode when the computer won’t boot up or you can say it refuses to boot up. This is so simple...

2 Aug 2017

Basically, is a web based email service which was introduced by Microsoft that has replaced Microsoft’s offering windows live Hotmail. It is quite difficult to keep track of all the email offering that are available out there and also a numerous number of alternatives from another large player in the market. I have provided some information on various email service and about You can also get in brief here outlook support number

Free email from different providers- 

You Can easily set up an email account without paying a cent by picking a large number of email providers. Most of them are known as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Apple's cloud email and much more. Some email accounts which provide storage available...

2 Aug 2017

PHONE, iPadiPad are greatly in demand nowadays. It's just because of their features and they are simple to use. Nowadays the trend is shifting from android phone to iPhones just because of simplicity and latest design. 

There are various users who face a lot of problems during their setup. This article will help you to setup up your iPhone, iPad. 

  • Turning ON your device 

  • Select your language and region-  Choose your language and region from the given options. According to this only you will be able to see information on your device. 

  • Activate the device- Connect the device to Wi-Fi or cellular data to activate your device. 

  • Touch id and passcode- With touch id and passcode you can unlock your device with your fingerprint and you can...